Philippine Cacao 

The Philippines' tropical climate and soil conditions are perfect for cacao cultivation allowing the production of top quality cacao beans.

This coffee beans have a wonderful story to tell. These coffee beans are organically grown in the remote mountain farms at the ideal altitude of up to 5,000 feet in the Cordillera Regions of Northern Philippines.The coffee beans are carefully harvested, handpicked and then sun dried by indigenous coffee growers.

Cordillera Native (Organic) Coffee

Philippine Arabica Beans

Arabica coffee beans are well known for its aroma, low  caffeine content and acidity.

Kapeng Barako (Liberica)

Kapeng Barako (Liberica) is a rare variety of coffee, accounting today for less than 1% of commercial coffee grown, found especially in several provincial mountains in the Philippines. With its exceptional aroma, almost fruity and full flavour. We guarantee you never tasted anything like this before - exotic and rare.Typically, most producers operate small farms and sell to the local market.

Bolero Coffee

Civet Coffee - Alamid

Mostly produced in coffee farms of the Philippines mainly in the Cordillerra Region. They are also grown in most parts of Mindanao. This coffee is from partly digested coffee cherries eaten and defecated by the Civet or locally know as musang or alamid.


This coffee bean have low acidity and high bitterness and is primarily used in instant coffee, espresso and as a ground coffee blend.